Industry specific marketing and web development for green farms and sustainable agriculture services

Did you realize your website can be developed into a goal-oriented business asset rather than 'just' a website?

No? You are not alone.  Many businesses, particularly those without a direct product to sell or those with very specific niche services, find themselves with a great looking 'brochure website' that doesn't serve as the business asset it can be.

That's where we come in.
Our job is to consult with you and assess your business to discover the right goals that will support your green farm or sustainable agricultural service. Only then can we supply a considered and focused recommendation for action to improve your goals and results

The Special Marketing Needs of Green Farms and Sustainable Agriculture

As the owner of a Green Farm or a business designed to support the sustainable agriculture market, you have a unique challenge with your marketing needs.  Obviously, a goal of attracting the purchasers of your products is great, but you also would benefit from raising the end consumer demand for sustainable growing practices; for both the food and the food chain that delivers it to their door.  Without this overall market elevation, green farming and sustainable agriculture will always be a niche or specialty market.  Utilizing a marketing and web development agency with a vision for bettering our sustainable agriculture and food-chain expectations as consumers, means that we understand the connections and the implied goals of green farms and sustainable agricultural support businesses.

Make an appointment with us for a free 15 minute chat with us and see how we can help elevate your agricultural business and work to promote your businesses focused needs and goals.

Services We Offer for Green Farms and Sustainable Agricultural Services

Operational Support System Design

  • Needs Analysis
  • Regulatory & Licensing Data Collection Workflow
  • Information Flow & Security
  • ERP, CRM, Financial, Intranets, and Portal Software Installation
  • Operational Integration & Training

WordPress Development & Consulting

  • Needs Assessments
  • WP & html/css site development
  • Care Plans
  • Site & Traffic Growth Management
  • Training & Business practice implementation

Identity Design & Marketing

  • Logos
  • Branding
  • Style Guide Development
  • Brand & Style implementation logistics

Whom do we work with?

Wouldn't it be nice to say we work with anyone involved in sustainable agriculture? Unfortunately, we can't.  We can't waste the focus and drive of our agency if you aren't ready to be a partner in the process.  It sounds harsh but think about it ... if we tie our resources up with people who aren't ready to propel themselves and do the work, then we won't have space or resources for those who are ready for our help.  Curious to see what we mean by ready?  Check out our Getting Started page for a round-up of things we look for when selecting our next project. 

Client Feedback


Before we worked with Corinne I would have to describe our monthly publication as embarrassing. Now it's interesting to look at, easy to read and comes out on time. What a huge improvement. Corinne's the total package. She's creative, easy to work with and organized.

Carol Timms Newsletter Committee

Results by Design Consulting

Corinne has proven to be an extremely value asset to my core business. She is very creative and has done an excellent job in design graphics and well as a great job in building websites. As an independent contract her fees are about 1/2 of the the market charges for graphic design and website development. I would strongly recommend Corrine and plan to continue to work closely with her!

Don Sieb Owner

At Ease Body Therapies

For years, Corinne has been my go-to person for any material which gets my business to the public. She designed a logo that catches the eye and communicates my professionalism and creativity in a single glance. Her aptitude for clear communication translates into helping me write comprehensible yet sophisticated text for my brochures. She is multitalented and I recommend her without hesitation to my friends, colleagues and clients.

Janice Rutherford

Home Staging Consulting

Corinne is open to ideas and very resourceful. If you need it done, she can do it!

Candace Clark

Green Media Services

Corinne is always a pleasure to work with and produces great results.

Annette McMichael Owner

Midwest Communications Group

Corinne worked for me as cell phone sales rep and repair technician. She also crafted all the art of our print ads and flyers. I found her to be conscientious, detail oriented and very good with people. Corinne had "fans" who would come to our store and just walk out if she wasn't working that day. As a graphic artist she is quite skilled and settles for nothing short of perfection.

Gary Jacobson VP

Thunderstruck Design

When our web designer left our company, Corinne was willing to step in and assist us with several of our web accounts. Since then, we decided not to fill that position internally but rather contract with Corinne instead. She is very knowledgeable, professional and a pleasure to work with.

Rod Roberts Owner

Zoic Studios

I worked under Corinne in one of my first jobs out of college at Minuteman Press. Going into the job I knew little to nothing about design and printing, but she was an amazing and patient teacher. She combines a keen design sense with amazing communication skills that always left our customers thrilled with her work. She was a fantastic co-worker and sparkling personality and was able to tackle a million things at once and make it look easy. Our clients loved her, and she developed very strong professional relationships with each of them. There are so many things I learned from Corinne... from design and software, to communication and problem-solving that I still find hold true long after leaving the store. When I started working under Corinne I knew very little about design or working for clients, and when I left I became an Illustrator at a large studio, and have moved onward to creating artwork for the film industry. When people ask me how I ended up here I always start with Corinne, if it weren't for her encouragement and patience I would not have seriously considered digital art and design as a path worth taking.

Laura Cosner Recruiting Coordinator

First Federal Bank

Corinne's work is creative and on time. It is always a pleasure to work with her. She understands the concepts we want to use in our marketing and she develops creative strategies to meet our needs. The Top Attributes Box only allows us to select three attributes about Corinne but we could have also checked: personable, expert, good value, high integrity. Corinne is not going to produce a concept that she is not pleased with herself.

Ata Durukan SVP

Minuteman Press - Champaign-Urbana

Corinne is very imaginative and is able to convert simple concepts into professionally appealing designs. She is also expertly adept in various professional level design programs which is important in achieving top level design results.

Paul Conforti Owner

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Our passion and niche is in helping emerging businesses establish an internal path for growth; ensuring you have the systems set up that fit you now and will grow with you.

Our focus is to support and encourage your unique business culture and needs. We seek to develop solutions for both website development and infrastructure systems by working with you to define your current needs and future goals; making sure that what we build today will support your dreams for tomorrow.
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